Please follow the link below:
IMPORTANT: Please note that starting today you can obtain the update via your Fusion Illustration Software.


A FUSION update is now available for all representatives.

Effective July 11th, the highlights of this release are:

Individual Insurance:
  • Re-pricing for the following Life products:
-Life 10 and Precision 10
-Life 20 and Precision 20.
-MAXLife (T100) and Foundation (T100).
-Guaranteed Whole Life and Precision.

  • Guaranteed Cash Surrender Values increase for the following products:
-Life 10 and Precision 10.
-Life 20 and Precision 20.

new version as of July 11th, 2013

Life/Health Insurance

Please be advised that you can get this new version starting today:
1) As soon as you open your Fusion Illustration Software; or
2) By clicking on the 'update link' in the electronic version of the Marketing Flash; or
3)  On Webi

Check-out Webi today for the headline announcing the availability of the update.

Contact Merchandising Technology for assistance, if needed.
1 800 461-3914
Good day,

Please make sure that your Transamerica software is updated to 10.2

Here is the link.

Dear partners:

We wish to inform you of a material error in one of the files part of the latest ENVISON software update. This error affects more specifically the premiums for SOLUTION Series illustrations, projecting incorrect premiums. Consequently, please ensure you make a complete update of the software by selecting the download using the following link:

Despite all our efforts to ensure the quality of our illustration system, we were not able to detect this error in time.

We apologize for the delay.

Quebec regional team

Enhanced products available starting July 2, 2013 

On Tuesday, July 2, 2013 Canada Protection Plan will be introducing its enhanced products.

If you have not already received our updated Application forms, Rate Sheet, Product and Underwriting Guide, and marketing materials by mail,they are also available online: Download now

And don't forget to download and install Canada Protection Plan's updated  Illustration software.

Applications dated prior to July 2, 2013 will be accepted until July 15, 2013.    

Envision 9.4 with Hybrid

Envision 9.4 will be available for download from our Advisor site on Thursday, June 27. Here are a few highlights:

       Hybrid Solution 100 added

       Export to Excel function fixed for Solution Series products

       Envision Illustrator now compatible with Windows 8 
Please make sure that the UL Mutual illustration software is updated to version 2.0.

You can simply update the version by opening the software or click on the following link to do so.